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Antarctic Ice Sheet CCI

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The Antarctic_Ice Sheet_cci project aims to produce long term and reliable climate satellite data records required by the scientific user community. These datasets will improve understanding of present day change on the Antarctic Ice Sheet and provide data for models at a higher spatial and temporal resolution than is currently available, thereby improving estimates of future change.

In 2014 a community wide user survey was conducted to determine which Antarctic geophysical datasets are most useful for the user community, what the spatial and temporal resolution of the satellite Earth observation datasets should be, and where the priority regions of the Antarctic Ice Sheet are. The survey was very successful with over 113 responses, of which 55% had over 10 years of experience in their field of interest.

The respondents primarily had an Earth Observation background, however 6 responses were also received from ‘decision makers with interest in Cryosphere and its changes,’ indicating that Antarctic Ice Sheet products are required to help make informed policy decisions.

Mass balance, ice velocity, surface elevation change and grounding lines were determined to be the most important data products. Consequently these products will be produced by the CCI Antarctic Ice Sheet project over the next three years.

Essential Climate Variables

Surface Elevation Changes
Surface elevation change measured by CryoSat-2 from 2010 to 2014 (McMillan et al., 2014)
Ice Velocities
Antarctic Ice Velocity Map
Grounding Line LocationsGrounding Line for Recovery/Slessor glaciers 2014/2015 Gravimetric Mass Balance
Gravimetric Mass Balance