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Project Outreach

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The AIS_cci project reaches its audience through a number of channels:

  • News and documentation on this website
  • Pages and Product Downloads at the three partner portals
    • Ice Velocity (IV) and Grounding Line Location (GLL) Products on ENVEO's CryoPortal
    • Surface Elevation Change (SEC) Products on UL's CPOM CPOM Data Portal
    • Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) Products on TU Dresden's GEODETIC Data Portal
  • Pages and Product Downloads at ESA's CCI Open Data Portal
    • Under Dashboard -> IS Antarctica
  • Participation at academic conferences and publishing in academic journals

This page presents the accumulated statistics for each of these.

Traffic Log on Data Products from the Partner Portals

We here count both the combined number of page views and product downloads

Monthly visitors

the number of page views per ECV

Monthly visitors

as well as the number of downloads per product class (ECV).

Outreach Activities

These collect the non product related activities, like news posts and academic activity.