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New data products for IV, GLL and CFL are released on Cryoportal

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The ESA CCI Antarctic Ice Sheet project would like to promote the new data products on

The portal provides convenient functionality for searching, viewing, visualising and downloading satellite based products for ice sheets, glaciers and seasonal snow.









Products include:
  • ice velocities and velocity time series of outlet glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica
  • calving fronts of outlet glaciers in Greenland (Antarctica in preparation)
  • annual ice sheet wide velocity maps of Greenland (Antarctica in preparation)
  • grounding lines of several ice shelves in Antarctica
  • ice velocity maps of ice caps (South Georgia, Alexander Island, Svalbard; further ice caps will follow) and mountain glaciers (Pamir,Karakoram)
  • snow services: near real time service on daily snow products from optical and microwave data covering the pan-European domain.

Products are freely available for download after simple registration. The portal will be frequently updated and extended with new data sets.

The products are generated by ENVEO and partners in various projects, funded by ESA, EC and national agencies.