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Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) product released from TUDr

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The ESA CCI (Climate Change Initiative) Antarctic Ice Sheet project has released Gravimetric Mass Balance products.











The products are available at  the data portal

with convenient functions to explore and download the data.

The mass balance products are derived from GRACE monthly solutions of the global gravity field. For the period from 08/2002 to 01/2016, we provide;

- time series of mass changes for 26 drainage basins as well as for basin aggregations (West Antarctica, East Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula, Entire Antarctica)

- time series of grids of mass changes (in terms of mass per surface area, or millimetres water equivalent)

The products come along with detailed descriptions and error characterizations. We have invested considerable efforts in improving our GRACE analysis in terms of a compromise between retaining spatial resolution and reducing noise, and we really welcome any feedback.

On behalf of the AIS_cci team,

Martin Horwath and Andreas Groh