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Co-location Meeting at ESRIN

2016-10-04 10:00
2016-10-06 18:00

The AIS_cci project will participate with a solid delegation on the Co-location meeting at ESRIN from October 4 to 6 2016.

Progress Meeting at DLR

2016-07-05 13:00
2016-07-06 15:00

Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) product released from TUDr

The ESA CCI (Climate Change Initiative) Antarctic Ice Sheet project has released Gravimetric Mass Balance products.











Living Planet and Newsletter

2016-05-09 10:00
2016-05-13 16:00

The Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci project (AIS_cci) is well represented at Living Planet.

AIS_cci has issued a Newletter ahead of Living Planet - providing a snapshot of the first set of data products and the local portals from which they are available.

The data products will also be announced and available through this website and the project data products download site. Read more »

Yearly Review at ESTEC, April 13th to 14th


ESTECThe Yearly Review Meeting will take place April 13th and 14th at Estec.

This will be a combined Antarctica_Ice_Sheet_cci and Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci meeting with the CRG team present.

For AIS_cci this will be the first official opportunity for assessment of the fresh release of Data Products.

Progress Meeting three held in Oslo

The Progress Meeting no 3 was held in Oslo February 2 and 3, hosted by S[&]T AS.

The first set of Data Products for the parameters SEC, IV, GLL and GMB was selected during the meeting - for release in April 2016.

The AIS_cci project is on schedule. The coming release of Data Products is a major milestone for the project.

The release of the Data Products will be accompanied with a fresh Newsletter and proper announcements.

Antarctica: ice gain or loss?

A new study released by NASA scientist Jay Zwally and colleagues in the Journal of Glaciology, receiving wide coverage in the media last month, reports an 82 Gigatons per year increase of land ice in Antarctica during the period 2003-2008. The study received much skepticism from other leading scientists in the field, as there are many indications that point at the contrary: ice loss, possibly irreversible. How does this new study fit in that picture, what are the consequences for expected sea level rise and are these numbers correct? Glaciologist and polar scientist Jan Wuite, working at Enveo in Innsbruck and involved in various international studies related to Antarctica explains. Read more »

Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci has passed Milestone 1

The Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci (AIS_cci) project has passed milestone one. The documents from task one are approved and we are preparing for Progress Meeting two in Copenhagen. The meeting will take place together with the Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci meeting. Read more »

Invitation to Round Robin for the Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) products

The Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci project performs an open round robin experiment to compare and evaluate algorithms for the generation of Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) products. Since the experiment is carried out in close collaboration with the Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project it deals with both the Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Greenland Ice Sheet. Beside GRACE data synthetic datasets of global mass changes form the basis for the algorithm evaluation.

The Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci team is looking forward to receive your contribution by September 30th 2015 (extended deadline). All contributions will be analysed anonymously.

For instructions please see Read more »


Newsletters are regurlarly published in order to provide information on the project status and some scientific issues in relationship with ice-sheet calculation and climate change. The newsletter is intended to reach a wider audience than the official project documentation by presenting some of the results in a magazine-like format.  Read more »

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