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Gravimetric Mass Balance

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The Gravimetric Mass Balance (GMB) products are based on the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite mission and respond to the high priority for mass balance parameters identified in the user survey.

GRACE gravity observations have the advantage of their direct sensitivity to change in the total ice sheet mass, including fluctuations in snow and ice (rather than geometry changes) on an approximately monthly time resolution, though with intrinsic limits in spatial resolution.
GRACE has been operating since 2002, and the GRACE-Follow-On mission scheduled for launch in 2017 will ensure continuity with enhanced accuracy and resolution.
Two products will be developed and produced:
time series of monthly mass changes for individual drainage basins, and
gridded mass changes over the entire ice sheet.
Gravimetric Mass Balance
GMB products are hosted by TU Dresden: User-friendly functionalities allow to interactively browse and explore both the GMB basin and the GMB gridded product. 
Mass change time series for individual drainage basins can be displayed by selecting the basin of interest from a map. The time series plot allows to zoom to a certain period and to query values for a specific monthly solution. The plot can be saved in raster (png) and vector (svg) format. 
An animation of the monthly grid series is available to visualise the GMB gridded product. By selecting a particular month from the plot of the mass change time series for the entire AIS, the corresponding monthly grid is displayed.